Things that can Hold You from Reaching Your Potential

It is that time of the year again when you are making new resolutions, oaths, and promises to yourself. You are going to do improvements, changes, and modifications in your lifestyle. You are leaving your old self and becoming a better version of what your past life is like. But you have to keep in mind that you need to open your eyes and watch out for things or people who can be detrimental to your growth.

Not traveling enough

astrologyPromising yourself to save money for the rainy days is a good thing. You have to keep funds in case of an emergency. But if saving and keeping money is all that you want to do, then you are not working for yourself anymore but for the sake of money. This is not healthy for you.

You still have to spend some money to treat and separate yourself from the usual routines of office and work. Take time to travel. Going to new places and meeting new people can recharge you and bring you back on track. Set up some time for an Amsterdam holiday or an Amsterdam Heineken experience. Breathe the energy and savor the moments.

Keeping up with toxic people

Being and staying with people who are full of negativity can become a health risk for you. If you can, you should keep yourself out of the company of these people. Their influence can cause you to feel bad about life, career, and even family. Stay away from these people.

Instead, look for friends who can encourage and motivate you. Surround yourself with people who can be honest and critical about what you do but not judgmental about who you are as a person. In this way, you are not only filling your tank with love and motivation but you are also paving the way for your own improvement.


Setting your plan to be too vague

A list of tasks to do with a timeline is already considered a plan. The key to actually completing the task is a different matter altogether. A plan that is too broad can be too complicated and too difficult to finish. Every successful plan has subcategories and a list of specific tasks to be done and the accompanying deadline along with it.

Be detailed with your plans. You can use timeline or tasks apps or tools to aid you in fulfilling those tasks. Do monthly and quarterly checkups to ensure that you are on track into accomplishing your plan for the year.