Places where Mars and Venus Can Go for Their Honeymoon

Mars is the symbol for men and Venus is the symbol for women. They go along with one another. For those people who have already met and dedicated themselves to each other as husband and wife, they are now the Mars and Venus of the other. The wedding is finished and now, it is time to go on your honeymoon. Here are some places that you can go for the most awaited time of your wedding:

Las vegas

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Las Vegas

This is one of the most visited places that honeymooners like you can go. It is the lights and sounds of Las Vegas that entices newly wedded couples to spend their first days together as husband and wife. And it is indeed a truly enjoyable and unforgettable tourist destination to visit.

What are the things that you can do in Las Vegas? The most common spots that tourists go to are the casinos and hotels all around the area. Although this city is surrounded by mountain ranges and slopes, you can definitely find the best stuff for couples here.

Book on a nice four or five-star hotel in Las Vegas. One of the choices that couples want to do is the helicopter tour over the Vegas strip. See the beauty and the magnificence of the city as you ride on the helicopter and take an overhead view of Las Vegas.

Go to the Hoover dam and see the history of this place. You can also go to concerts and various shows that the city has to offer. See your favorite singers and performers display their talents on stage. Book a ticket now because most popular events in Las Vegas are usually sold out.


Amsterdam CanalThe Netherlands offers a lot of good places to visit for new couples. Amsterdam is one of the major cities in the country. To save money on your honeymoon, you should book cheap hotels and flights to Amsterdam. Do this in order to allocate your finances to these tourist places instead of the travels and sleeping areas alone.

Amsterdam provides a lot of areas to visit for couples. You can have your date nights in these places so that you can start knowing each other more and become more intimate with one another. Try going to the Canvas and look at the awesome view that this building has to offer. If you like performances, then you should go to Vondelpark. An open theater is located at the heart of this place where many local artists perform.

If you want to upgrade your viewing experience, you can visit the Pathé Tuskinski and see a movie there. This tourist destination is very elegant and beautiful. You can see the charming designs of the place. If you want to know more about the areas to visit that are good for couples, see the Amsterdam City sightseeing map.

The key here is booking and saving on flights so that you can use the money you save on where it matters most. These iconic places are where you build your memories and have a lasting impression on who you are as a couple. Look at and check out the latest deals that you can easily take and buy for your honeymoon.